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Scholarships Process

Scholarships will be granted on a rolling basis to highly qualified individuals whose goals tightly align with our mission. Our Scholarship Committee is comprised of international musicians, esteemed community leaders, and philanthropists in the arts whose sole mission during selection is to identify the most qualified students for scholarship awards.

Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of the following:





In order to be considered for a scholarship, students must complete an application and provide all information requested. Any queries posed by the Scholarship Committee to the applicant must be answered within 72 hours or the application will be cancelled.

Students who are awarded an NJFMA scholarship will attend the NJ Academy of Music in mutually consented courses and/or purchase mutually consented supplies from the NJ Academy of Music. All monies paid in association with the awarded scholarship will be directed to the NJ Academy of Music. No personal checks shall be awarded.

Scholarship students are required to participate, as requested, in recitals or other presentations sponsored by the NJ Academy of Music and/or the NJ Foundation for Musical Arts. Students must maintain a minimum of a B- average in their school in order to retain awarded scholarships. Failure to do so may result in a partial or total loss of awarded scholarships. Parents/guardians of scholarship students are required to provide updated report cards for students as they become available, and are obligated to contact the NJ Foundation for Musical Arts if family financial circumstances change from the information that was reported in the scholarship application.

Scholarships are awarded for one full year (fall through summer). Scholarship students must reapply annually in order to request continued support. At the end of each year (end of summer session), scholarship students must submit a letter to the NJ Foundation for Musical Arts detailing the ways in which the scholarships were used, including courses taken and overall accomplishments/skills acquired, as well as an impact statement on the ways in which this opportunity affected their lives.

Although not required by the Scholarship Committee, volunteering at the NJ Academy of Music is strongly encouraged.


NJ Foundation for Musical Arts
Scholarship Application

Please complete the information below in order to initiate your application for a scholarship from the NJ Foundation for Musical Arts. All scholarships are paid directly to the NJ Academy of Music and applied toward course enrollment expenses and/or music supplies expenses and will be designated as such if an award is granted to you.
All information within this form shall remain confidential and will only be reviewed by our internal committee for scholarship selection. Please contact us at if you have questions about this form.





Financial Need



Personal Statement